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Think of it! It's wedding ceremony day of your sister, daughter or best ally. She badly wanted to have an outdoor wedding, nevertheless, you, being the conscientious and trusted support to be with her, suggested how the guests might be lower than comfortable. If your outdoor wedding is within the spring or fall, the guests risk being cold. If it's in the summertime, the guests might be hot. During any season, rain, whether heavy or light, is obviously a danger factor. In order to help her get the wedding of her dreams, claim that she think about using party tents to maintain everyone as comfortable as you can.

Whether it's being married, a significant birthday or anniversary, fundraiser, community event, or some other type of important gathering, you should be sure your friends and relatives have the perfect time. If it event actually is happening within the summer, you can't go wrong when you purchase luxury party tents to provide your invited guests the top indoor-outdoor experience they can possibly have regardless of what the next thunderstorm is. Among the numerous benefits of this type of tent is the sides roll up and down so you can decide what you must do with these depending on what the weather conditions are.

In case that to be warm and dry, you are able to roll the edges up and feel you are outside but nonetheless have covering in the sun. If it's wet or damp, guests are safe by walls that roll upon the party tents. These tents are created to be fun to look at and fun to utilize. Many feature windows which can be attractively shaped. They're plastic and have white rims across the ends that imitate glass.

Luxury party tents can be made without sides too. Some of these are only supported by metal poles and have brightly colored roofs that may be candy striped as well. Bright blue and bright red are the popular colors for the candy striped tents. These canopies lend an extremely festive appearance to your event they occur to put up at. People love congregating within tent and emailing drinks at your fingertips, since the a feeling of contained back yard is pleasant and attractive. So next time you are going to host an outdoor event, give you a party tent a go and find out just how much better commemorate your party.

explosion in the number and models available of party tents

wedding tents
I understand that many people are skeptic to rent or purchase a tent for any big important party and you may be one too. The causes with this may vary, but many of the reasons I prefer to know is because are extremely expensive and way too hard to put together. Obviously things are all relative, but below I will provide you with ten causes of hosting the following important party in the tent.

Most of these tents is usually a great means to fix a garden party for many reasons. They have got vertical walls which provides you with maximum use of the floor area. Party tents will also be delivered in sections so you can always increase the amount of sections to your party tent if you want.

Personally party tents can be the solution of while i host sometimes a formal or perhaps an informal party and more and more people now understand the benefits and are collecting for the idea. Lately there has literally been an explosion in the number and models available of party tents. Regardless of what type of party you happen to be throwing, it's possible to be certain you will likely have a tent that completely suits you.

Listed below a ten reasons on the reasons you too ought to decide an event tent the next occasion you might be hosting the purpose:

1. Those are the ideal solution for covering your outdoor party.

2. They may be used with or without the side and end panels.

3. They may be totally portable and offer protection and security.

4. They are really simple to assemble and are avalable with full instructions.

5. They could be found pre-made and fully customized for many outdoor parties.

6. They provide a portable haven in the outdoor conditions.

7. They may be an extremely cheaper option than employing a restaurant and you've got the benefit of keeping it afterwards.

8. They are designed to provide shelter on your guests.

9. They are available in sizes and you're guaranteed to discover a model that suits the needs you have.

10. These are very affordable as compared with other solutions, making them perfect for any special occasion.

All you need to find out about party tents are available on the net or in the local mall. Simply pick one that best suites your require the best, there simply isn't any benefit solution.


Weddings are one of the more widespread events that employ big tents

Common Party Tent Features A party tent is usually utilized for weddings, trade fairs as well as other events where 50 or higher people gather. Such a tent is more expensive than ordinary shelters used in camping and yes it usually requires special equipment to create. Tents for parties are harder to pitch than ordinary tents, that's why usually these are rented as an alternative to purchased. A lot of companies that offer these tents for rent also offer services for pitching and dismantling.

Those who need a party tent must look into first the level of environment the place that the shelter will likely be built. Companies which offer tent rental services often charge extra when the venue just isn't exactly where to erect a tent. For instance, a concrete ground is often more of the challenge to tent builders as compared with uncovered earth. The gap of the venue through the renting company is another consideration most of the time, the farther the place is produced by the renting company's headquarters, the larger the fee.

Weddings are one of the more widespread events that employ big tents. Just because a wedding is not an frequent occurrence, most consumers wish to rent a tent as opposed to get one. Tents for something as festive like a wedding are offered in numerous colors and designs, although white is, needless to say, the most common. Oftentimes, businesses that provide wedding tents also provide accessories such as carpets, floorings, platforms, tent decorations, awnings as well as lighting.

The sort of tent that'll be employed for a celebration needs to be chosen together with the weather condition planned. In the event the party will likely be held in the summer, tents without side covers are the most appropriate. More often than not, tents for summer parties are made only of the roof and several sturdy poles. When there is dancing involved, center poles usually are not used. Instead, the shelter is supported using stakes and side poles along with the center is left free so that people can move about with out a center pole obscuring their view or preventing them from dancing in the center. For events such as these, canopy tents would be the most commonly used.

For events that want to support hundreds of guests or even more, frame tents are the more favored. Several frame shelters can be joined together to make a single, big space where people can get together and mingle. Frame canopies can also be erected in such a way that different configurations might be formed depending on the theme with the party.

By using a party tent is a bit more practical and economical than finding an internal space to house several guests or more. It's also an edge it can easily try to be dismantled as soon as the party and finito, no more worries about needing to tidy up and place furniture back to their proper places following the event.

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Five kinds of the most popular fashion tent

Tents, as everyone knows, are temporary shelters, which can be simple, yet effective, and generally made of materials like canvas sheet, nylon, plastic, or another such stuff. Although tents have been used since long, but nowadays they may be very much in demand around the world. The present day tents are portable, elegant, an easy task to install, and offer a cushty shelter.

The modern tents usually are supported by poles and/or guy ropes. The application of guy ropes is, however, often affecting large tents only. Earlier utilized by nomads, the tents are now being utilised by many people for the purposes like camping, partying, wedding, therefore. Here, we have mentioned five hottest forms of modern tents:

(1) Outdoor Tents: Tents are the shelters that are mostly employed by people on holidays or on a picnic. They have been quite popular and witness widespread demand. The contemporary outdoor tents are built to exhibit both style and gratification. Their main varieties include A-frame, cabin, dome, convertible, and family camp tents.

(2) Wedding Tents: As suggested by its name, these shelters bring conducting wedding or marriage functions. They're quite spacious, sturdy, and comparatively more elegant and decorative. These tents could possess a roof or top-covering. The principal varieties of this shelter include push-pole, frame, tension and dome shaped wedding tents.

(3) Dome Tents: These tents exhibit a round roof and so they slope gently in all directions, that makes their whole height usable. Mostly, these tents are compact in appearance, but comfortable and cozy inside. They can be employed by travelers and backpackers as they are convenient to carry. Single room dome and family dome constitute the prominent forms of dome tents.

(4) Cabin Tents: These shelters have got their name due to the reason that they resemble a cabin. These tents provide enough head space and the height of a number of them may range around 8 feet or even more. These are considered good for groups and families and is often seen on various campsites. Because these tents are frame based, their two main frames include truss and umbrella.

(5) Beach Tents: Beach tents are engineered to use for the beach. They are simple to carry as they possibly can be folded to fit in a smaller duffel type carry bag. A selection of their prominent features include ease of assembling, water resistance, UV resistance and powerful winds withstanding. These shelters are usually produced from materials like polyester and nylon. The common styles in beach tents are canopy style, dome style, and cabin style.

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How to choose a perfect change of wedding tent

Renting a fantastic tent is very important when planning a backyard wedding. While tents give you a cozy and private touch for the whole outdoor wedding decor, additionally they shield you and your guests from unfavorable climatic conditions. Tents are also more flexible than existing facilities as you have more options regarding how and where you need to have your wedding day. However, they are more expensive and costs around $3,000 to $6,000 with no extras like lighting, flooring, and the price tag on delivery, setup, and removal.

Kinds of Wedding Tents:

These are some of the popular tents that you might take a look at before picking a choice.

Party Canopy: This can be a lightweight tent designed to protect from sun and rain. Installation is simple, and inexpensive to rent in comparison with other forms.

Pop-up Canopy: Another lightweight tent with collapsible-frame fabric. Installation is additionally easy.

Frame Tent: A tent which has a metal frame having no center poles. The rental company usually installs it.

Tension tent: This kind is built rich in center poles, a steeply sloped ceiling, which has a more open feeling within the tent.

Pole Tent: This manner has poles throughout the perimeter plus the very center, which can be very easy for harsher weather conditions. The rental company will handle the installation.

Location and Flooring:

The best position for creating the wedding ceremony tent is by using an even high ground, and really should be free of overhead utility lines. If they have uneven terrain or experiences high rainfall, attempt to include plywood or plastic flooring. Plywood may be expensive but it'll provide a durable raised floor and it is suitable for virtually every type of terrain. Plastic floor is great for paved surfaces and it is less expensive than plywood floors. Also consider parquet-wood floor that you can use because the dance floor.

Sized the Tent:

There's no harm in renting a tent that's just a little larger than actually required. Think of a tent size by which your friends and relatives can be comfortably seated. Here's the way you should estimate tent seating specifications:

All chairs in rows: 6 sq ft per person Round tables: 12 square feet per person Rectangular tables: 8 sq . ft . per person Cocktails and receptions: 8 feet square per person

Together with these specifications, estimate the bar area, cake table, band area buffet tables, and dance floor.

Hue of the Tent:

The regular color for tents is white but you can select from all kinds and combinations, with regards to the theme and mood of one's wedding. For example, if you need a romantic starlit night sky to join in on your wedding day, rent a tent which has a translucent ceiling. Sidewalls can be solid white to get more private affairs, clear vinyl permit in sun light, and cathedral-window walls for a more decorative touch.


Remember that every rental firm even offers optional accessories which may really underscore the decor of the wedding and also the tent. Choose those who will fit in the theme and tone of the wedding. Other accessories that you can't do without can sometimes include air-conditioning (for areas with extreme climates), carpeting, portable bars, decorative lighting etc.

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Having a party tent on hand is a good idea

Party tents really are a common fixture at many outdoor parties and variety stores. Essentially, any event outdoors warrants the use of a party tent to guard items, food, or people. While dealers of tarps and portable garage shelters frequently have these shelters within their product offerings, the structures are utilized as temporary shelter. Every one, in spite of size or shape, is constructed from a powder-coated steel frame along with a polyester canopy roof that is treated to become UV resistant and waterproof. Additionally, several are designed in one-piece and, when being setup, the frame folds by helping cover their the canopy. Regardless of whether it doesn't, one using a separate canopy still takes only a few minutes to put together or take down outdoors.

Traditionally, many consider party tents as being smaller and square shaped, well suited for individual use. Such structures, however, are made on a larger scale for weddings. Known as a married relationship tent, these steel structures can cover a big position for a day to shield guests within an outdoor wedding. Similarly, such wedding tents, when used for a reception or ceremony, must be anchored in to the ground and are ideal as being a central meeting area for guests. Being an outdoor wedding for a large group can cover a substantial area, multiple tents could be attached together to get the guests enough shade outdoors.

If you're planning to be outdoors for an event, having a party tent on hand is a good idea. In the cases of flea markets and outdoor trade shows, such a structure can shelter you and your goods from the sun and, in case of rain, will continue to protect you during such weather changes. Such a shelter gives the same protection at family events or outdoor parties at home or at the beach. Use a party tent to give your guests shelter and to shade your food outdoors. In all cases, smaller tents can be attached together to cover a larger area with shade and, in order to stay in the ground, all should be anchored with metal stakes.

Finding out what size a tent you need for your forthcoming private

If you're planning on buying or renting a celebration tent for an outdoor event it is crucial to place plenty of forethought into how big tent you ought to order. Finding out what size a tent you need for your forthcoming private or corporate event isn't just an event of the amount of guests you're inviting. Other inter-related factors also need to be taken into consideration to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable and safe constantly and that your event is often a resounding success.

Of course, the quantity of guests you anticipate inviting to a event is a crucial factor, but ultimately the optimum tent size is dependent upon the kind of event you might be organizing and whether you and your guests are hoped for being sitting or standing. Being a general proposition, cocktails and similar type events which provide no seating to guests require approximately 8 to 10 sq . ft . per person. This is also true of events providing linear seating arrangements including multiple rows of chairs used for church ceremonies, presentations or live entertainment. However, if you are seating your friends and relatives around round tables, banquet tables, using serpentine tables to make more elaborate seating arrangements or are planning a dancing and disco style party you should consider allocating roughly 12 to fifteen square feet per person.
Party tents
party tents
Another crucial factor that impacts tent size is the type of entertainment planned for guests. Dancing floors, bars, buffet tables, staging, platforms and podiums occupy a lot of space. If you focus exclusively on the number of invited guests without adding sufficient room for equipment and entertainment your guests may find it difficult to move safely and comfortably. Do not forget to include waiters, bartenders, musicians and other personnel! They need room to operate safely as well without bumping into your guests.

Accusation in court a rule of thumb and you might need to adjust the amount space your invited guests truly need by being responsive to their particular physical characteristics. For example, if many guests are children, a slightly smaller tent might be sufficient to allow for your entire guests comfortably. However, should you be considering a grown-up only event, you should consider aiming towards a rather more spacious tent to ensure all of your guests feel safe.

Once you have a rough concept of the total number of guests, the personnel and the sort of seating arrangements and entertainment you wish to offer, you should be able to figure out how big a tent you'll need. As an example, should you be considering a standing party for 200 guests no other type of entertainment, you will need a tent that is at the very least 30x75 feet covering 2250 sq . ft .. However, if you're inviting you and your guests by sitting around tables you will need a tent that's at least 40x80 cover up 3200 sq ft. In the event you also would like to incorporate a 12x16' party area, you may naturally need to improve the tent size to 40x100 feet. Within the alternative, you may wish to create a separate tent near the top level tent for dancing.

There are several industry standard tent sizes available, and when you need special sizes, you may also order made to order party tents from your tent manufacturer dedicated to custom tents and tent-tops. However, prior to ordering anything, make sure that the venue you have selected can accommodate your required tent size. Of course pole tents generally require a different 8 feet all over their perimeter for staking which frame tents also require additional space for positioning weights. Many reputable tent and event specialists provide free site checks and will also be delighted that may help you determine what size tent is ideal for your unique needs. So avoid any nasty surprises and contact them for advice.


Creating an enlightening tent experience

Lighting is the fairy dust at events,the invisible element that transforms a room from boring to beautiful. The most stunning centerpieces,table linens,menu cards and product displays are for naught if the space is poorly lit. Especially for evening events,lighting is critical. Brian Toner,owner of Eventions Productions in Philadelphia,Pa.,says that a lighting designer is equal parts artist,electrician,installer and troubleshooter. I spoke with Toner to better understand how lighting design sets the mood for tented events.
Q: How important is event lighting in tents?
A: The saying “it’s all about the lighting” is 100 percent accurate. Inadequate lighting means you lose the subtlety and beauty of the decoration or the power of drama. But lighting is also about utility and safe egress. It all starts with a proper lighting plan,which incorporates food preparation and cooking areas,and stage and performance spaces,especially if there are video cameras or digital backdrops involved. One of the most important elements to light correctly is dinner tables. Nothing makes great food look worse than the wrong color light. Would you want to eat a green steak?

篷房灯光 2
Q: Is lighting part of the event fabric these days,or is it still a struggle to justify in terms of budgets and planning priorities?
A: Five years ago,very few end clients were knowledgeable about event lighting. Due to publications,blogs and social media,times have changed. As a result,a new challenge has arisen. Many event professionals such as entertainment companies,DJs,venues,photographers,etc.,have seen the increase and now sell lighting services. Nine out of 10 times this ends up being a disservice to the overall look of the event. Imagine a winter white wedding and then a DJ bringing in spinning red and purple lights,ruining the look of the entire space carefully crafted by the event designer.
Q: With other event professionals such as entertainment companies selling lighting,how does your approach as a lighting designer bring something more to the table?
A: A lighting designer brings a wealth of knowledge to an event. The designers in our company have architectural,theater or event design backgrounds.  We also understand how proper lighting affects the photography and videography of an event. We design not just for the look of the event on the actual day,but also for the proper lighting for the client’s images,which will last forever.
Q: How do you assess an outdoor or tented space for lighting?
A: A tented lighting design typically starts with seeing the drawing and/or plans of the tent(s) as well as the surrounding spaces. I need to know what the event is,timing of the event,as well as arrival and departure of guests. Parking and back-of-house areas are also important. An assessment of the electrical needs of the event,including catering,entertainment,sanitary and lavatory needs are all taken into consideration. The next step is to ascertain the power that is currently available onsite and the total electrical needs of the event.

Q: What are your favorite light fixtures for tents?
A: There are great battery-powered LED fixtures that illuminate a big tent without any cabling or electrical needs. This cuts installation cost and time dramatically. I also love to work with lighting textures as well as video elements on pole tents,especially the newer sailcloth tents. Sailcloth tents are beautiful yet challenging because the fabric is translucent.
Q: What lighting trends are you seeing in 2013?

A: Vintage fixtures popular in residential interior design really inspire me. We have an extensive collection of vintage light bulbs,fixtures and cords that will appear at this summer’s tented parties. I have also been designing tents where no light is used in the tent top at all,but instead all lights are focused down onto the event floor. This simple technique brings intimacy to the space.



Decorating A Wedding Tent To Make The Event Memorable

If you are planning an outdoor wedding,a wedding tent is essential. If you want to do something unique for your wedding to make it a very special day to remember,then choosing wedding rentals is a perfect way to make your wedding event as special. Tent rentals offer you several kinds of wedding tents that allow you to have an excellent outdoor wedding,which dont have problems of the weather and they would allow you to celebrate your wedding party in any situation.

wedding tents
Theoretically outdoor weddings are ideal to create a special movement and romance. There are several decorative tips that works together to make your wedding as a memorable event. Lighting,flowers and accessories are all important elements while decorating the wedding tent.
Decorating a wedding tent is a matter of combining different elements such as colors,shapes and textures in order to create a visually pleasing environment. You need to choose a theme or style that fits to your budget and venue. Choose centerpieces,flowers,tablecloths,chairs,lighting,etc. You have to implement your chosen style. Wedding rentals will provide all these decorative items with innovative ideas. Tent rentals have professional decorators,who make your wedding party more memorable,that include:
• To create a magical sense,first choose the right tent theme and style. Sheer or light weight tents are pretty,and they can also give cooling effect even in hot weather.
• If you are planning to make your wedding at night,choosing clear top tent will be truly magical.
• You can use projectors to cast patterns or images onto the tents ceiling or sides.
• Plants and potted trees add warmth to the wedding tent. Wedding rentals will provide you several types of decorative trees and plants.
• Adding lighting to a tent is very important. This would draw attention of guests away from any "ugly areas".
• Dress the ceiling with tulle swags that matches with your wedding colors. You can also hang the swags of white twinkle lights above the tulle. The fabric can be luminescent.
• Hang chandeliers and paper lanterns from the ceiling of the tent.
• Use classic statuary and urns to decorate your wedding tent.
• Wrap vines that may be faux or real around the poles of the tent.
• When decorating the interior of the wedding tent you need to create a harmony and balance. You have to take the layout of the room and placement of the windows into consideration while making your decorative efforts.
• Hang strands of beads or crystals of varying lengths inside the tent ceiling by using florist pins and fishing wire. Use aurora or clear borealis crystals,or you can also mix and match with different shades of the brides wedding colors.

Nancy Shevell is an expert article writer who enjoys writing information on party planning and decorations. A thorough research is conducted prior writing any article to provide best possible outcome for the user. To find out more about any kind of party needs,you can visit us at wedding tents and canopy rentals.

How To Choose A Suitable Wedding Tent

As the spring wedding season comes,and the economy does not getting any better,many couples are facing to plan their own backyard weddings. Most people do not have a clue where to start when the subject of a wedding tent comes up. What size do you need?

Think of height. You cannot put a 3 tall stage near the perimeter of most of the tents because of the lack of headroom.

Think of safety. Do not forget to "call before you dig" as most tent companies prefer to stake a tent into the ground.

Think of power. The placement of your tent may limit what kind of electrical options you may have. Although the middle of a field allows for a lot of space,you will probably need to look into getting a generator to provide electricity for lighting and music.

Think of layout. A lot of tent companies will be able to suggest a wedding tent size for you or provide you with a CAD drawing of our wedding. Even if they charge for the service,it is worth it to actually see the layout of everything for the peace of mind.

Many tent and party rental companies provide tents to festivals and fairs. Make sure that you ask for a "wedding quality" tent,or you may end up with a striped circus-style tent!
wedding tents

wedding tents

wedding tents

wedding tents